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We carry a wide variety of candles to fit all your liturgical and personal needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the candle sizes and varieties that we carry.


We carry:
  • Altar Candles

  • Small Diameter Candles

  • Votive Candles

  • Sanctuary and Votive Lights

  • Special Occasion Candles

  • Advent Candles (All Colors)

  • Easter Vigil Tapers

  • Table Candles

  • Wood Lighting Sticks

  • Wax Lighting Sticks

  • Cardboard Dripcatchers

  • Nails (for Easter Candle)

  • Plastic Fallot Cups



Want to know if we cary the candles you are looking for,
or do you need a price quote? Contact us!
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