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We carry a wide variety of liturgical and church supplies.

Please note that we special order church supplies for all Christian traditions, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox.


We carry:
  • Altar Bread (White and Whole Wheat)

  • Low Gluten Hosts (Catholic)

  • Gluten Free Hosts (Protestant)

  • Altar Wines (Cribari brand: Angelica, Light Red, Light Muscat)

  • Portable Mass Kit

  • Communion Set

  • Clergy Shirts

  • Way of the Cross

  • Statues

  • Tabernacles

  • Chalices

  • Ciboria

  • Palms

  • Three Kings Charcoal

  • Three Kings Incense

  • Vestments

  • Altar Cloths

  • and much more!

Want to know if we cary the church supplies you are looking for, or do you need a price quote? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us!
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